Captain France

by Craig and J.D. Oliver

Strip uploaded on Friday, thUTC 27th 1996f September, 1996 (10095 days ago)


News entry for Friday, thUTC 27th 1996f September, 1996


I don't speak French very well, nor have I ever been to France, so writing a comic about a French superhero seems a bit presumptuous to me nowadays. But it didn't when I was at college. My only concern was that readers would have a difficult time connecting with an entirely different culture. I needn't have worried. : )

People were curious about the symbol on CF's clasp. For the record, it's an image of the Eiffel Tower juxtaposed with the ichthus, a symbol representing the way of Christ. The clasp combined with the French flag on CF's helmet and chest left no doubt as to his loyalty to God and country.

I thought it would be neat to show the Captain doing a rather unsuperheroic activity; taking in coffee at the local café. It underscored his humanity while giving him an opportunity to interact with other people--in this case, tourists. The fact that CF can freely sit at a restaurant underscores his acceptance by the locals; as we'll see later, they see CF as a helpful, if slightly embarrassing, asset to the community.

For those keeping the checklist, we see two more of the Captain's super powers -- he can fly and he's bilingual!

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