Captain France

by Craig and J.D. Oliver

Strip uploaded on Friday, thUTC 2nd 1997f May, 1997 (9908 days ago)


News entry for Friday, thUTC 2nd 1997f May, 1997


Well, that's that. The final strip of Captain France, as it appeared in the Swinging Bridge seven years ago. This one was produced a little differently; Jenn inked the comic over my pencils, which creates a slightly different look. Jenn's inks are a little more fluid than mine. Which I like better depends on the subject; for Penance, Jenn's inks are superior ro mine because they color better. For black-and-white work, I tend to prefer my own inking.

I've enjoyed taking this trip down memory lane, and I find myself wondering what happened to the characters. Where did the relationship between Giome and Jean-Paul go from there? What did Steven do with his life? How did the mystical helmet come to be? Maybe someday the good Captain will continue his adventures. But for now, we must bid him adieu.

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