Captain France

by Craig and J.D. Oliver

Strip uploaded on Friday, thAmerica/New_York 8th 1996f November, 1996 (8255 days ago)

Time to Find Some Evil

News entry for Friday, thAmerica/New_York 8th 1996f November, 1996

Time to Find some Evil

Whether we like it or not, artists produce works within a context. Take this strip for example; Giome sleeps on a bed that is essentially a thin mattress on top of a bunch of springs. Real people don't sleep on beds like that -- college students in dorms do. Since I was in college, that was my immediate experience with beds, and it makes sense that that's how I chose to draw Giome's bed. Of course his bed is a nice, decorative wrought-iron setup, much nicer than the square plastic-and-steel ones we slept in. No wonder Giome never sleeps at night. : )

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