Captain France

by Craig and J.D. Oliver

Strip uploaded on Friday, thAmerica/New_York 25th 1997f April, 1997 (8382 days ago)


News entry for Friday, thAmerica/New_York 25th 1997f April, 1997


It's funny how time changes perspective. When I wrote this strip in 1997, I thought Giome/Captain France had come up with an ingenious way out of Guignol's trap. I didn't think much about it after that. After the murderous morning of 9/11/01, America's eyes have been opened to terrorism, and much of what we thought we knew was wrong. Pulling a grenade in a crowded street isn't an act of bravery or insight -- it's an act of terror and cowardice. To be fair to Giome, I don't think he would have used the grenade; he was trying to frighten Guignol and force his hand. Even so, it's not a very heroic thing to do.

That aside, this strip has one of my favorite moments in the series; the brief cameo of "Captain Pants" and his sidekick (whose name, I believe, had something to do with shorts). Explanation: another comic called "Two Guys" was running in the Swinging Bridge at the same time as Captain France. For the past couple of weeks, they had been running a spoof on Captain France called "Captain Pants." I was delighted -- I figured if someone was spoofing CF that meant we were worth spoofing! We decided to return the favor by featuring the Two Guys in a CF strip, with me drawing them in my own style. Sadly, I was told that the author of "Two Guys" wasn't amused. :(

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