Captain France

by Craig and J.D. Oliver

Strip uploaded on Friday, thUTC 15th 1996f November, 1996 (10013 days ago)

Any Super Hero Can Do That

News entry for Friday, thUTC 15th 1996f November, 1996

Any Super Hero Can Do That

This is our real introduction to Guignol, who promptly informs the good Captain that if he can't be bribed into letting the local crime bosses have their way, he'll have to go. Sadly, I had neither the space nor the courage to depict a rooftop chainsaw battle in the college newspaper. Still, the outcome would have been the same; though CF is very strong compared to Guignol, in this case it's skill that counts.

I think CF's ability to pull objects out of his cape is my favorite power of his. CF has had several incarnations as role-playing characters, and in order to afford all his powers I often had to make trade-offs. One version of CF had a 10% chance of pulling out something completely inappropriate when drawing from his cape. He was the best man at a wedding, and instead of pulling out the wedding ring he found himself holding a large puppy, which ran all over the church for the remainder of the service.

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