Captain France

by Craig and J.D. Oliver

Strip uploaded on Friday, thUTC 18th 1996f October, 1996 (9659 days ago)


News entry for Friday, thUTC 18th 1996f October, 1996


I must thank my college German professor for this strip, for without her it would have been quite different. See, I got to the last panel and realized I had no idea what police stations were called in France. Or what they looked like. Knowing that my German professor was also the French professor, I called her at 10pm to ask her what police stations were like in France. Perhaps college professors are used to such calls, or perhaps I had a special place in her heart. Either way, she explained to me that a police station was referred to as "le commisariat de police", which is how it is portrayed here. The stone archway is pure speculation.

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