Captain France

by Craig and J.D. Oliver

Strip uploaded on Friday, thUTC 18th 1997f April, 1997 (9477 days ago)

He, not Him

News entry for Friday, thUTC 18th 1997f April, 1997

He, not Him

Well, things have been quiet around here lately, so that means another Captain France! Another one of my favorite strips, in which the masks are set aside and things look pretty bad for the Captain.

(By the way, the grammarian in me cannot remain silent any longer: when Giome says "...because I am him!" he's using incorrect English. It should be "...because I am he!". But I suppose he's allowed to make mistakes in English, seeing as he's French. Oh, wait--he's speaking in French, and the comic translates to English. So I'm still wrong. Gr.)

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