Captain France

by Craig and J.D. Oliver

Strip uploaded on Friday, thUTC 28th 1997f February, 1997 (9526 days ago)

Revenge Kick

News entry for Friday, thUTC 28th 1997f February, 1997

Revenge Kick

Haven't posted in a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd put up the next CF. This was probably my favorite strip of the series, drawing-wise. Jenn colored it in so some of the details are lost, but I learned a lot about shading and areas of color by drawing this one.

Something that always intruiges me about this strip is CF's powerlessness. One the one hand, Guignol was trying to stop the kid with the knife. On the other, he recently blasted CF with a concussion cannon! But CF can't take him in--CF can't prove anything. Would bringing Guignol in jeapordize his own secret identity? There's nothing he can do short of pounding Guignol into next week, which Guignol believes (correctly) CF wouldn't do on a whim. More on that next strip.

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