Hitpoint Warning Patch

Borrowed from TOME, this patch changes your @ into a number when your hitpoints drop too low. Good for preventing deaths due to not noticing low HP.


Version: v1.0, 28-Feb-2005

Target: Angband 3.0.5

Link: angband-3.0.5-hitpointwarning.zip (3k)

Windows binary: angband-3.0.5-hitpointwarning-win32.zip (3MB)

Purpose: This patch changes your @ into a number corresponding to the percent hitpoints left of your character when your HP drops below 70%.

Notes: So if your hitpoints are 70%-100%, your icon is a '@'. 60%-69% it's a '6'. 50%-59% it's a '5', and so forth. Additionally, if your HP drops below 30% it turns red.